Laser Pigmentation Removal and Blemish Removal in Surrey, B.C.

Skin blemishes, pigmentation, acne scars and the signs of aging have always been a source of frustration for those concerned about their looks. Thankfully, cutting edge technologies such as lasers allow these skin conditions to be treated. At Uptown Salon and Spa in Surrey, B.C., our skincare clinic offers several laser-based treatments to improve skin appearance and health. 

Laser Pigmentation Removal in Surrey

No longer satisfied with concealing pigmented skin with off the shelf products? To project clearer skin, most opt for concealment but as soon your make up or concealer comes off, your blemishes are still there. Similarly, many find over the counter whitening products have variable amounts of success – if any. 

But what if there was a permanent way to remove blemishes?


This is where laser pigmentation removal comes in. At Uptown Salon and Spa, our Laser Pigmentation Removal Program uses a nano-second Q-switched Laser System to breakdown and clear away freckles, dark spots and Melasma.

Not all forms of hyperpigmentation are the same! There are a variety of dark spots, blemishes and hyperpigmentation. The timing of the appearance of the hyperpigmentation, how your blemishes are distributed, and at which layer of the skin that it resides determines what type of hyperpigmentation you may have, and correspondingly the appropriate treatment plan. Understanding the different types helps you to know your skin better and what you can do about it.

The pros at our Surrey, B.C. skin care clinic will devise customized treatments using advanced technologies and techniques to best meet your skin’s unique needs. With our RevLite Laser Skin Treatment your skin will be spotless in no time. 

RevLite Laser Skin Treatment at Surrey, B.C.

Do you have age spots, freckles, brown spots and or a birthmark you’d like to remove? Uptown Salon and Spa in Surrey, B.C. can help you with these blemishes. Our RevLite laser uses PhotoAcoustic Technology to target specific spots on the body and face. ⁠

RevLite is a step above most normal lasers, as the standard systems use dual wavelengths. On the other hand, RevLite has four wavelengths! So it can target a greater scope of pigmentation tones and colours.⁠

Revlite gives skin a more even skin tone by targeting: 

– Skin pigmentation

– Enlarged pores

Wrinkles and lines

– Aging skin

– Sun damage

It is a quick laser treatment that gives patients an easy, safe and chemical-free way to fix their skin. Procedures typically last 20 minutes, as Revlite sends short pulses of laser light deep into the skin to address common skin problems. After each session, there is no downtime so patients can resume their usual activities afterwards.


If the perfect, unblemished facial skin is what you want, contact us today to get it done. Uptown Salon and Spa provides skin care treatments for patients in South Surrey, British Columbia, and surrounding areas.

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